Changing Our Political Culture

National Run for Office Day was November 13. In 2018 alone, 700 millennials ran for local office. That got me thinking. How many potential leaders, of all ages, have decided NOT to run in Niagara Falls because of a toxic political culture? I do not mean criticism or scrutiny. That’s healthy. I am talking about the spreading of blatant mistruths funded by politically motivated people, like in The Niagara Reporter.

WE are running for Mayor of Niagara Falls to make neighborhood investments, provide our city with proven leadership/management and to move our community forward from an embarrassing political past. WE are also sending a message to other potential COMMUNITY MINDED candidates out there: Do not be afraid of political negativity or the culture of pay to play. We are going to call it out. When WE focus on facts and talk to our neighbors, WE win. Let’s work together.

Seth Piccirillo