The Platform: Complete Tax Foreclosure Auction Reform

I created the NF Home Ownership Auction in 2013 because the standard IN REM foreclosure process is broken. The annual home ownership auction is now a success, proving that change is possible through work.

The NF Home Ownership Auction requires bidders to live in the home, as a prime occupant for five years, present a renovation plan prior to sale closing, and a completed renovation after a year of ownership.

This new auction is not enough. As Community Development Director, I have publicly presented a larger reform package to the mayor and city council, but it was not adopted. Finally changing the IN REM process is one of the key reasons that I am running for Mayor.

As Mayor, WE would take foreclosure reform to the next level by:
1. Hosting a larger home ownership auction before any standard tax foreclosure auction.
2. Separating any standard tax foreclosure auctions into smaller auctions throughout the year (3) not one large one in the winter.
3. Requesting state legislation to reduce the tax foreclosure period from three years to two.
4. Offering more properties, especially multi-unit building for sale via request for proposal, with a renovation plan, instead of via auction.
5. Mandating that there are foreclosure offerings every year. A large IN REM auction every two years harms more than it helps. 

Check out this WIVB video for a look at the 2018 NF Home Ownership Auction:…/vacant-niagara-falls-hous…/1249955804

Seth Piccirillo