It's Time For A Change

I will not use third parties for political attacks. It is cowardly and unethical. My opponent already has, and will again, many times. Here's proof in a three minute read:

Restaino & The Buffalo Chronicle

In January 2019, The Buffalo Chronicle submitted a Freedom of Information Information Law (FOIL) request to the City of Niagara Falls for three years of my emails as Community Development Director, annual budgets and purchasing information. We were happy to gather the information, and offered that the 8,000 documents could be viewed at city hall, for  free.  That's not what happened. 

Instead my mayoral opponent, Robert Restaino, paid $2,300 in cash to take the documents home. Why? Because The Buffalo Chronicle didn't follow Restaino’s original plan.

I reached out to The Buffalo Chronicle via email. Matt Ricciazzi, a representative of the website, confirmed that Robert Restaino and Anthony Restaino, his campaign manager, wanted The Buffalo Chronicle to give their campaign the FOIL documents for stories the Restaino campaign were pitching. The problem? That would have violated campaign finance law. If that $2,300 isn't correctly filed on a disclosure form, it still will be. 

Expect the Restaino Campaign to create a mailer or story about these documents. Unfortunately, they did not know that these documents have always been public. Niagara Falls Community Development expenditures are always approved by the City Council. Our budgets discussed in open meetings. Robert Restaino has never attended any of them.  

Restaino & The Niagara Reporter 
In my opinion, The Niagara Reporter has continuously written slanderous stories about me. They will continue. Why? 1. There's money in it. 2. The editor politically supports Restaino. 

1. Robert Restaino is a front page advertiser on The Niagara Reporter. In 2012, his Assembly campaign listed “loans/liabilities” from The Niagara Reporter on two financial disclosure forms. I've advertised in papers and magazines, professionally and politically. "Can I borrow money?" or "Can I pay you later?" are not normal options. The Reporter and Restaino rely on each other. By definition, that's a partnership and my campaign is a threat to it. 


2. Nick D'Angelo is the editor of The Niagara Reporter. D'Angelo also collected election petitions for Restaino's mayoral campaign last month. Walking petitions = political support. A publication dedicated to attacking me is run by a dedicated Restaino supporter. The paper is free to print what they want, but readers and advertisers need to know the proven motives behind it.


Last week, The Niagara Reporter shared a story that included completely false information, with a quote from me, that was also false, presenting it as “Piccirillo said […]”. I emailed Mr. D’Angelo, and the author, Frank Parlato to source the quote. They did not. Mr. D’Angelo’s final response was that the quote was not presented as a quote and that I know “full well its not your quote” and that I am “free to seek injunctive relief through the courts.” As late as today, they are posting false information, and they will continue to.

As a candidate and as a father of young kids, I cant imagine asking others to launch false and negative attacks on my behalf. It goes against every principle that I was taught, and am now trying to teach to our daughters. Anyone running for mayor should be able to speak for themselves, especially on difficult issues, if their job is going to speaking on behalf of thousands of our neighbors. It is sad to see that unethical people seem to always find each other. 

From day one, we have talked about changing the political culture of this city, while keeping our composure, even while dealing with cowardly attacks. In my opinion, my opponent uses the tricks of an embarrassing political past that we need to move beyond. Indeed, its time for a change. 

Seth Piccirillo