(VBlog) The Platform: Set An Annual Neighborhood Goal & Meet It

The NF Skate Park. 70th Street Playground and Basketball Court. Family Movie Nights in the parks. The Summer In Your City Event Series. Gluck Park Playground and Basketball Court. Hyde Park Playground. Center Court Playground and Basketball Court. Gill Creek Playground. Jerauld Avenue Playground. The Color Run. These are a few of the neighborhood investments and events that I have led as Director of Niagara Falls Community Development. I am proud of these projects because they add value to our community, increase property values and all started with ideas from residents and a community meeting. All of them were also funded by a grant instead of local taxpayers. As Mayor, I would take this succesful strategy to the next level.

If elected, I will set a one million dollar annual fundraising goal specifically for neighborhood spaces and activities. WE will apply for foundation, private sector, state and federal grants to provide more to do for our residents, where they live. The City Council would have the opportunity to approve both the grant application and award, creating a group effort. As with all projects I lead, there will always be community meeting to plan out the details.

Over the past six years, I have seen how much of a different dynamic programs and spaces can make, especially for our families. I have helped lead 12 park/public space improvements projects, with five more currently under construction. Most often, these parks had not been updated for decades. It should be no surprise to us when our kids and young families feel like there is nothing for them to do there.

When young people are asked to help plan something new, and they are actually listened to, they will take ownership of it. For proof, walk by the NF Skate Park at 6 pm on a warm evening. You will see skaters of all ages, enjoying and caring for that space.

I believe in specific change rather than talking points and statements. As a candidate, I am setting form a platform of real action. As Mayor, I will be accountable for following through on our promises. Any thing less is just nice but generic rhetoric and politics as usual. WE can do better than that, for you.

Seth Piccirillo