The Wrong Style of Leadership: Restaino's Record

Robert Restaino was removed from the Niagara Falls City Court bench for improperly jailing 46 people in 2005 because a beeping noise upset him, triggering “two hours of inexplicable madness,” as stated by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct. Per the New York Court State Constitution, he is barred from overseeing a court room ever again. At various points since this event, Restaino has explained away, or blamed others for this dereliction of duty. Upon his announcement for mayor, he seemed to allude to this embarrassing chapter of our City’s history as his own personal adversity.

Below, we have linked the legal document that explains the reasons for his removal, a national article explaining the situation and an article from this year that shows that Restaino’s actions still have legal ramifications.

Why is the “cell phone” issue relevant to this mayoral race? Restaino presents himself as a former City Court judge on campaign literature. In truth, he is a removed City Court judge, per a decision handed down by the highest court in New York State. He also states that he has the most experience to lead. Despite a career of political appointments, being a judge is the only government position that Restaino has held that would directly and immediately impact the life of a citizen. He was removed from that position for abusing his power. Finally, in a series of cowardly, misleading, and poorly produced, attack ads, Restaino has critizied my record of public service. I think it is critically important to show the contrast between both our records and our temperament.

Determination Document: In the Matter of Robert M. Restaino

New York Times: Panel Rebukes Judge, Citing “Lunancy” in Court

Buffalo News 2019: Last case from Niagara Falls judge’s cellphone incident may go to trial

Seth Piccirillo