Who we are

Traditional political campaigns focus on an individual, but government only changes when many people work together. Doesn’t make much sense, right? We agree.

Seth strongly believes in the power of teamwork and transparency. His approach to change in Niagara Falls, from Pints for Progress to participatory budgeting, is formed by people creating community around new ideas. His 2019 mayoral campaign will be led by that same principle.

There is no campaign slogan, just a statement: We are Running for Mayor. Niagara Falls is home for all of us. Our city’s greatest resource is the creativity and resolve of the people who live here. Most politicians ask for a signature, a sign location, your vote and maybe a photo. That “give me” culture is why most people tune out politics at all levels. It’s also not our style. Instead, Seth is asking for your expertise, your honest opinions, and the opportunity to present a different approach to local politics in Niagara Falls.  

Everyone is welcomed in to be part of this team. Have an idea for this city or campaign? Please share it. Want to see what this is all about in person? Please come to one of our events and try us out. Want to talk to Seth directly? Please contact us. This campaign is a conversation, and we need to start talking to each other, face to face, much more often.

There is a unique power in “We.” When people come together, remarkable things can happen. We hope that you will check out the community being created around Seth’s campaign. Talk to you soon.